About Lesley Dewar

Lesley Dewar is a full-time writer on Medium.

With over forty years full time in business, Lesley Dewar is an experienced networker, small business owner, and successful author who shares her skills freely. She is an inveterate blogger and storyteller. So, this career change to full time writing on Medium and her own website is a natural progression for her.

Lesley says: “I love the change from a diverse corporate career to writing fulltime.”  Given that her writing, sales, real estate, and financial services cover a career spanning 60 years, it’s a successful and exciting move. Lesley describes herself as having “the ears of a bat and the eyes of a hawk.” Being able to focus on small events and bring them to life through storytelling underpins her memorable writing. She is a skilled researcher who knows how to uncover the unusual and verify the truth.

A published writer since the 1980’s, she writes for the printed media on business topics, lifestyle ideas and publishes two or three times a week on Medium. You will find her here: https://lesleydewar.medium.com

Lesley Dewar is well known on Social Media.

Lesley has a respected reputation on Facebook, X/Twitter and LinkedIn as a writer, networker, commentator on social media and an active campaigner for conservation issues. She has an impeccable reputation for personal honesty and integrity.

Lesley appeared on the Kerri-Ann Kennerly Show (Channel 9, Australia), gives panel presentations and is an experienced public speaker. Her first eBook “Networking To A Plan” is an international success and she is a Member of her local Toastmaster Club.

For ten years, Lesley Dewar was the author of bright and breezy adventures at Stories My Nana Tells, an Australian personalised storytelling service. She published five books and authored many stories for children. Combined with several relocations and the advent of Covid-19 in early 2020, Lesley closed her storytelling business, after she moved to Busselton in Western Australia.

She was a featured columnist for Swan Magazine, writing for them for eight years, from July 2009 until June 2016, and was a published writer on the ABC website.

An Australian grandmother and avid surfer of the net she is constantly browsing, researching, and uncovering the unusual. She has been bungy jumping in New Zealand; flown in helicopters across icy mountains and rocky deserts; trekked across a volcano crater, been white water rafting in Bali and swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii. With lots of experience travelling in Australia and overseas, she encourages us all to be adventurous and enjoy life!

Lesley Dewar is a recent (2012) survivor of breast cancer. Currently, she is cancer free.

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