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Marching two penguins dressed as members of the queen's household band, ready to march in a parade with the the rest of the band. They are both wearing big black bear helmets, red coats, gloves and have medals on their chests. They are followed by a group of soldiers in their household band uniforms.

Security Shock: Penguins Seen Marching in King’s Official Coronation Parade

March 20, 2024

Random Word Drabble Challenge Number 35 Word is Household Insider rumours of Antarctic aliens overwhelm media coronation reporters “We live in strange times,” intones Richard Witchell — the absolute doyen of Royal Event commentators. “I have never observed such a sight in my 50 years of Royal Service and Media work.” His astonishment is well merited. […]

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Image of my mother's Seiko travel clock. It runs on a single battery, AAA, and that lasts for about five years every time. It's probably 50 years old, this clock, and its gold finish is beginning to tarnish. But it still works to keep amazing time and I can hear the second hand ticking away in the silence of the morning while I try to meditate.

Truth: Learning to Meditate Is Really Strange and Not Easy

March 8, 2024

Emptying the mind is not a simple process, it turns out. It’s incredibly quiet this morning and I am trying to meditate. The sun is not yet up and a few magpies are calling outside my bedroom window. I can hear my mother’s clock ticking. It sits on the bench which is my dressing table […]

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A little humour: Two legs of a dress mannequin stuck in a toilet for fun.

Humour – Point of View on Number Two

August 29, 2023

Random thoughts on one of life’s essentials. The loo and loo paper. And what do we do about our pets? What’s the humour in going down the toilet? Good question! We have all pondered about whether our lives are going down the toilet. What else? ———————————————————————————————————————- What About New Cat Food? Does it makes a change […]

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It Must Be Going To Rain. The Cat Is Washing Behind His Ears.

August 28, 2023

I think it might be a myth. When we were young, adults said if the cat washes behind its ears, rain is coming. Do they sense a change in the atmospheric pressure? It’s possible. Ask anyone with a dicky knee. They know.

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Woman in bright yellow jacket and trousers with her hands in her pockets. She is wearing a black and white striped shirts.

When It Comes To Networking, Women Can Have Some Distinct Advantages.

August 27, 2023

These are some special tips for women, born out of years of Lesley Dewar juggling stuff while standing around. Nothing will replace the value of genuine “face-to-face” contact when it comes to networking. Being able to look the person in the eye; laugh with them; hold their business card and talk one on one…

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How To Read the Stories in This Blog

August 22, 2023

Lesley Dewar writes on Medium, a worldwide publishing platform, and each story on this site is linked to the platform with its individual URL. Stories can be read or heard, by clicking a “Listen” option.

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