When It Comes To Networking, Women Can Have Some Distinct Advantages.

These are some special tips for women, born out of years of Lesley Dewar juggling stuff while standing around.

Nothing will replace the value of genuine “face-to-face” contact when it comes to networking. Being able to look the person in the eye; laugh with them; hold their business card and talk one on one…

Why Is Networking Face-to-Face So Valuable?

Nothing will replace the value of genuine “face-to-face” contact when it comes to networking. Being able to look the person in the eye; laugh with them; hold their business card and talk one on one about your mutual businesses is absolutely the best sort of networking.

Networking is about referrals. Word of Mouth referrals are the best business introductions you can receive. Keep referrals foremost in your mind when you are networking.

A referral is not doing business with you. A referral is finding a third party to do something for them that you cannot.

Men Have Been Networking and Creating Referrals for Each Other for Years.

With the direct intention of building business relationships, men have developed more close networking groups, through business and sport, than has traditionally been done by women. They also tend to be more formalised in their networking activities than are women.

Networking — Tips for Ladies

These are some special tips for ladies when you are networking Face-to-Face. They WILL help you increase your success when networking — especially when you are standing to “meet and greet” before a more formal sitting period. They WILL enhance your opportunities.

• Handbags: Have a handbag with a shoulder strap so both your hands are free for greeting and giving out your business card.

Pockets: Wear a jacket, skirt or slacks with pockets in which you can carry your business cards, either loose or in a nice card holder. It’s a clever idea to have one pocket for cards to give away and one into which you can put the cards you receive.

• Drinks: If the event includes holding a drink in your hand, use your left hand so that your right hand is free for greeting new people. (yes, as a left-hander myself, I still do this because shaking hands right handed is the tradition)

. Pen: It’s a clever idea to carry a good biro (not a gel pen) in one of your pockets, rather than having to rummage around in your handbag. When someone needs to write down some information about you or you need it yourself, have it on hand.

• Introductions: Always introduce yourself by your full name, rather than just your first name. If someone wants to contact you later, there may have been more than one Jan or Barbara at the event. Differentiate yourself (use a “hook” to be remembered)

• Remembering names: Create a “hook” for the name of the person being introduced to you and say it aloud (make sure it is polite!). “Peter Scott? As in Scott of the Antarctic?” This makes a connection with the name and shows you are trying to remember them.

One business: Never confuse people by telling them about more than one business in which you are involved, at a time. Make sure that their focus is directed towards the primary business you want to promote.

That includes NOT promoting your partner/husband’s business at the same time, unless it is your business, too. Mixed messages dilute your impact and lower your professional image.

• Be specific: Know what you want to say about your business and say it clearly and specifically. Be rehearsed. You need to be familiar with what you want to say and the new person you are meeting has most likely never heard  it before.

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