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Lesley Dewar writes on Medium, a worldwide publishing platform, and each story on this site is linked to the platform with its individual URL. Stories can be read or heard, by clicking a “Listen” option.

To read any selected story, simply click on the blog link for the story you choose, as you see it displayed here. If you are a first-time visitor, you will be offered an option to subscribe, using Google, Facebook, or email.

Medium doesn’t use passwords and once registered you can log on from that social media account anywhere.

Is Medium Free? Yes and No.

Medium has no paid advertising on the site and is funded by the $5.00US per month paid by both writers and readers. Registered (paying) subscribers have almost unlimited access to stories, can write their own stories, and interact with other writers.

A huge part of my success on Medium is interacting with other writers, by reading their stories, commenting on them, and having them follow me. And to do that you need to be able to read more than three articles a month.

The choice of topics available on Medium is astounding.

With 1000’s of writers around the world, Medium offers quality writing on a multitude of topics. Almost anything you can begin to imagine.

Use this link to have a quick view and see what might take pique your interest.


How To Subscribe

If you subscribe as a free reader, you can only view three stories in a calendar month.

When you subscribe, we recommend using a Social Media account, because with an email you need to respond to a token each time to log in. The email becomes your Medium authorisation, rather than your Social Media account.

This is a sample story for you to try

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I love writing on lots of topics. Get to know me. I love cats, wine, tech, family and humour

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